Meet The Creative Revolutionary Ambassadors

Jill Matterface

United Kingdom (UK)

I am currently on a career break from the military and have just started in the post as Director of Teaching and Learning for the Shaw Trust. This is a charitable enterprise which seeks to promote social and educational equity and works in areas and communities of social deprivation as well as prisons, children homes, schools and further education.

I am passionate about creativity and helping to unpick the mess the current education system is in. I want to meet like minded individuals, take part in the academic debate and continue on my learning journey.

Cassandra Renaut

United Kingdom (UK)

Hello world. I’m Cassandra. I’ve been described as a “Social Agitator” (which I’ve loved). I’m an ex-teacher from the UK. I’ve spent nearly 20 years in Education: 15 years in Secondary state schools, 5 years TESOL in Japan, France and Russia. I have a Masters in Teaching from the Institute of Education in London, and an MBA from Henley Business School.

Education is my passion. Reducing inequality is my purpose. I am on a mission to do both. I intend to influence the education system in the UK to better serve its people: adults, young people, children. SKR’s talks inspire me still to design courses and deliver training to disenfranchised young people so they feel empowered and develop a sense of agency in their own destiny.

Katie O'Hare Gibson

United States (US)

I am currently a school administrator for children ages 5-11 in the US. My passion in education is to make schools equitable. I mostly focus on issues of race and racism and how that impacts education in the context of predominantly white institutions in the US. Most of all, I want to create schools where everyone belongs and everyone thrives, and help our students to grow into thriving adults.

One of our school district’s core values is “Embrace your revolutionary spirit”. So, I am looking for ways to revolutionize the education system. I look forward to working with a community of Creative Revolutionaries to build the schools that all students deserve!

Douglas Simpson

United Kingdom (UK)

Currently: Creative Director / Filmmaker, Stokely Podcast Producer and Qigong Practitioner based in bonnie Scotland.
Past life: Lecturer at SAE Melbourne teaching sound engineering / Swiss armyknife at Quadlock.
Hopes for the future: Looking for my next adventure

I’m looking to establish an outdoor education platform using Sir Kens principles of education as one of the key pillars.

Supporting the development and connection to the natural world and it inhabitants is something close to my heart and I hope in time our community can help nurture, inspire and assist in its development.

I love to run in the hills, play guitar and be creative in the outdoors.

Crystal Miller

United States (US)

Hi! I’m Crystal! I have always believed that I was given the gift of creative thinking to help inspire the world to change and I am truly blessed to have found the Creative Revolution! Hearing Sir Ken Robinson speak for the first time moved me to tears as felt like I had finally found “my people”!

I am a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy for 15 years and have worked with Broadway performers, professional athletes, dancers, hospitals, children’s hospitals, and in over 12 different school districts. I created the How To Be A Kid ™ Program to bring the whole body, whole mind and whole child into education. I am truly honored to be invited to work with some incredible educators and to be able to directly influence the creative change in education right at the ground level.

Daniel Hernandez


Hey y’all! This is Daniel from Mexico, former sustainability consultant and outdoor guide.

My passion for education comes from my own experience in the traditional education system where I feel like I left quite a lot of untapped potential that I had to compensate with learning and exploring outside of school. I guess you could call me a generalist since I’ve dabbled with outdoor sports, engineering, music and a few other activities that I now value highly for giving me a way wider perspective into problem solving compared to my formal education.

Chad Brinkley

United States (US)

I am now a Change Agent. Honestly, I didn’t realize this until recently. I have been called an Innovation Specialist working in and around education for 21 years. Most of that time has been inspiring educators to infuse technology into classrooms and instruction to better prepare their students for life in the 21st Century. I have led multiple 1:1 iPad initiatives including the Murfreesboro High School and Murfreesboro Elementary School in my hometown. Both schools are now recognized as Apple Distinguished Schools.

What I have recently discovered is that my whole focus on technology was “MY” view of how to change schools for our students and prepare them for the world in which they live.

The person who opened my eyes and put words to what I was already feeling was Sir Ken Robinson. I saw his famous Ted Talk several years ago and have been watching all three of them regularly for inspiration and remembering my “why”. After watching the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” in early 2021 it all came together. The fire which had been lit by Sir Ken years ago now had the context to become my life’s mission.

I am now dedicated to being an agent for change.

Cyndi Burnett

United States (US)

My name is Dr. Cyndi Burnett and I am the Director of Possibilities at Creativity and Education!

I am passionate about two things:
1. Sir Ken Robinson did an incredible job showing us why we need creativity in education. I love to show educators, administrators, and teachers how to do it with simple techniques and strategies that can be immediately applied into the classroom.

2. As a former academic who taught deliberate creativity for twenty years at the Center for Applied Imagination at SUNY Buffalo State, my goal is to bridge the gap between creativity researchers, practitioners, administrators, and educators and move the conversation about creativity in education forward.

Amanda Cook

United States (US)

When people ask what I do… it is a struggle! I was a teacher for 13 years, but technically I still am…. I also ran for school board last year, and I plan to run for future offices, but I haven’t won yet, so I’m not quite a politician…. I also attend TED conferences and organized a TEDx conference for my city, but it was super hard and I probably won’t do that again… So I’m a TEDster, but only a one-time TEDx organizer. But what do I do for money?! I sometimes substitute teach. I lead professional development on contract for the nonprofit I founded in 2020… and I travel to present at conferences and mentor teachers. I also applied for a PhD program because I thought it would be a good use of my time and I might like to teach at a college level one day.

I am no longer able to fit all that I do into a single sentence, but I am happier than I’ve ever been and I am connecting with the coolest people! Any suggestions on how I should answer the question, though?

Kate Jenkinson

United Kingdom (UK)

An ILM level 7 qualified Executive Coach, I work with leaders and managers facing challenges, coaching them to gain clarity, find creative solutions and develop their strengths. I draw out the best in managers so they learn to lead with integrity and trust in their own ability to build a lasting legacy.

I know exactly how senior executives think and feel because I’ve been there myself in senior HR leadership roles in the private, public and not-for-profit sector.

Away from coaching, poetry is my passion. My love of the spoken word developed through reading poems with my Grandad as a young girl. I’m fascinated by the power of words to empower, empathise, engage and pull people out of their comfort zone – and lucky to be able to bring this into the lives of individuals, teams and organisations.

Scout Wodehouse

United States (US)

I have worked as an K-12 educator and arts integration education activist for over 10 years. I transitioned out of the classroom and onto the Nevergrey team this year. I am thrilled to continue the work that SKR has inspired so many of us to do. I believe that all children can learn, that arts and movement are medicine, that our planet demands our love and care and that innovation is that way to leave our children with the world that they deserve. We must not be complacent, we must transform what is into what it needs to be through creativity.

I live in South Los Angeles, CA, USA with my husband(also an educator), our two kids(2 and 6), our two dogs and two cats. In my free time(who has free time) I enjoy eating, traveling, dancing and sending funny memes to friends.

If you have made it this far in my profile, please reach out! I want to talk to you about The Creative Revolution!


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