• 26 Lessons

    Imagination, Creativity & Innovation

    The goal of this course is to understand the core elements of creativity, imagination and innovation, and why they are important; To be able to apply them to your own life in introductory way.
  • 30 Lessons

    Life in Technicolor – Never a Grey Day

    Welcome to the course: ‘Life in Technicolor‘ - Never a Grey Day. This course features an overview of our Nevergrey Framework that helps you to fulfil your true potential and find your way to happiness and success. This comes from my Executive Coaching practice where I empower business leaders, solopreneurs and content creators, who want to build an intentional life and business so that they can flourish. Within this course, we’ll be drawing on material I’ve enjoyed over the years, including exercises and insight from Sir Ken Robinson's book ‘Finding Your Element’, and I hope you will find my way of thinking, and the practices within, useful in your pursuits. Welcome.