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”The Element is about discovering your self, and you can't do this if you're trapped in a compulsion to conform. You can't be yourself in a swarm. You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish.“

What You'll Learn During The FREE Challenge!

Day 1: What Is Your Element?

Dive deep into the essence of one’s true self, reigniting forgotten passions and interests that were once pivotal to their identity.

The inaugural day of our journey takes us back to our roots, to those pivotal moments in our lives when passion was palpable and purpose felt clear. By igniting the flames of our past interests, we reconnect with our true selves. But why revisit the past, you ask? Because often, our younger selves, untouched by the weight of societal norms, were the truest representations of what we desired from life. 

By harnessing these pure, unadulterated moments of joy, we create a compass, directing us towards our most authentic selves and genuine aspirations.

Day 2: Smashing Societal Influences & Overcoming Barriers

Address and recognise the influences that might have diverted one from their true passions.

Day two offers a critical introspection into how external voices have often overshadowed our inner symphony. The pressures of society, peers, and education systems can unknowingly skew our path, pushing us away from our authentic desires. Recognising these influences is the first step towards breaking free.

As we uncover these experiences, we not only identify these barriers but also empower ourselves to navigate around them, ensuring that our future choices are genuine expressions of our true self.

Day 3: Finding Your Passion & Aptitude Intersection

Understand how to harness personal passion when it meets natural aptitude.

The third day is all about the fusion of what you love and what you excel at. A passion, no matter how strong, needs the backing of skill to be translated into success. By finding the interlink between passion and aptitude, we reveal the sweet spot – the intersection where dreams align with capabilities.

The magic of this revelation is that it provides a clear, tangible path forward, merging what sets our soul on fire with what we can realistically achieve.

Day 4: Facing Your Fears & Visioning an Ideal Day

Address the internal barriers and fears that hold you back.

Fear has the potential to paralyse even the most ardent dreams. Day four is about recognising these fears, confronting them, and scripting a reality where they don’t hold sway. By envisioning our ideal day, we not only chart a day in our dream life but also create a tangible goal – a glimpse of what the future could look like if we stay true to our Element.

Day 5: Embracing Continuous Learning & Growth

Understand the importance of growth and continuous learning in nurturing one’s Element.

On the fifth day, we recognise that passion, however intense, needs nourishment to thrive. This nourishment comes in the form of continuous learning.

As we commit to embracing our new found direction, we’re not just acquiring knowledge; we’re ensuring our passion doesn’t wane, that it remains alive, vibrant, and dynamic. By sharing this commitment, we also build a community of accountability, propelling us forward in our quest.

Day 6: The Power of Community & Collaboration

Recognise that no one thrives in isolation.

Day six underscores a crucial realization – our journey to our Element is not a solitary one. By reaching out, seeking advice, and joining communities, we not only gather diverse perspectives but also find allies, mentors, and friends who share our passion.

This collaborative spirit amplifies our progress, ensures we’re on the right track, and provides the support system we often need to conquer challenges.

Day 7: Your Commitment & Future Planning

Seal the insights gained during the week and set a clear path forward.

The final day is not an end but a beginning – a promise to the self. With insights gathered over the week, day seven is about charting the road ahead. By designing our action plan, we take abstract concepts and turn them into concrete steps, ensuring that every day henceforth is a step closer to our Element, to our truest self.

Your Host

During The 7 Day Challenge

Anthony Dunn

Creativity Coach & Office of Sir Ken Robinson

Anthony is a driving force in the realm of creativity and innovation. Building on the foundational principles of Sir Ken Robinson, his father-in-law, Anthony is dedicated to empowering individuals to harness their creative potential. As the CEO of The Creative Revolution and Co-Founder of Nevergrey, he’s laid the groundwork for communities and events that champion imagination and human potential. 

Stepping into this challenge as your guide, Anthony brings a wealth of experience and expertise. He’s here to assist you in unlocking your creativity, fostering collaboration, and embracing the transformative power of imagination in every aspect of life.

Your Opportunity To Rediscover Yourself And Find Your Element.

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Your Opportunity To Rediscover Yourself And Find Your Element.

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Phil M.
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