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The creative revolution acts as a greenhouse for these ideas, to protect, nourish and allow them to fully form.

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It is late October, the early autumn colours are starting to take hold and quietly around the world something remarkable is happening.

Millions of trees start to shed their seeds. Many like the chestnut tree drop elaborate devices to disperse and protect this seed.

All with the hope these precious bundles will last the winter and germinate the next generation in the nourishing spring soil.

And like the trees, we also shed out seeds. But instead of only proliferating our genetic structures we hope to spread ideas.

Much like our forest friends our ideas are first formed and protected by us, then nurtured by external elements and only then breaking free when the conditions are favourable. Sadly so many great ideas lay dormant in infertile soil.

Little did we know that in Feb 2006, amongst a sea of intellect, SKR would stand on stage and sow the seed for a creative revolution.

His unique ability to capture the imagination of the crowd and subsequently the tens of millions of other humans that have watched his talks online, is testament to his ability as an orator but more so his passion and knowledge for education and the power of his message, the need for its evolution.

His groundbreaking book The Element sits proudly on my bookshelf and acts as a reminder of the innate unique creativity that we all possess and the importance for our education and social systems to reflect this diversity.

Schools are adapting. Creativity is now one of the powerhouse skills needed on the Internet … being taught via the internet.

Our new digital field is flourishing with new identities and ideas.

That seed Sir Ken so beautifully planted that day has taken hold and now is in its most vulnerable stage.

We still need to tend to this garden and make sure that we leave a fertile soil for future ideas to bed in through the cold winter nights.

The creative revolution acts as a greenhouse for these ideas, to protect, nourish and allow them to fully form.

Through collaboration and the endless human capacity for original thought, that adds value. We are standing in that forest that SKR first dreamt of planting all those years ago.

Welcome, welcome to the revolution.


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