How did I (also) get here!

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I am here because I am passionate about trying to change the narrative and outcomes in life, for a vulnerable group of children and young people (CYP) who learn differently and who are differently able.  Their outcomes in life are much poorer than those of their peers.  Typically they are marginalised by society and fall through the cracks of the education system, they reappear much later in life as adults who lack the skills and qualifications to secure and maintain a job, are unemployed, have no support network in place, living on benefits (state aid) lonely, depressed and tragically often suicidal.

The late SKR opened my eyes to a world of possibilities through his talks and books.  At the point I ‘discovered’ SKR I had already found my spark and purpose in life however he articulated (so eloquently and brilliantly!) so much of what was floating round in my head and had started questioning.  Most importantly he gave me the fire in my belly to be brave and seek change.

Imagine what the future of the world could look like if education focused on liberating  and developing all students’ talents, irrespective of their learning style. Where students could explore and solve the most pressing global issues of today. A school where the curriculum and extracurriculars focused on meaningful projects that are real, concrete and achievable in real-world timelines. Where character, purpose and the quality of your work were as important as deep knowledge. Where teachers, the local community and industry partners all collaborating and placing students (and their needs) at the centre of all learning experiences.

I am hoping that through Creative Revolution I can connect to a community of like minded people who can help effect change for this group of CYP and so many more who deserve so much more during their formative years.


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