the roadmap

Take a look at the exciting progress our community are making at The Creative Revolution and what’s in-store for our members.

100 Members

Now we're cooking! 100 Founding Members of The Creative Revolution


120 members

Do we have your attention?
The launch of The Official Creative Revolution Podcast!

150 Members

Inspired by and designed with Sir Ken Robinson, the launch of the course Finding Your Element.


250 members

Get ready for 'The Bolts', our purposeful peer group workshops that tackle learning journeys together, centred on a theme you really care about.

500 Members

Time to go mobile!
The launch of the Creative Revolution Mobile App


1,000 members

We did it!! 25% of all Memberships will be donated, and continue to be donated, to The SKR Legacy Collective Fund, to issue grants and bursaries back to the community.

1,250 members

The launch of the Revolutionary Member grant and bursaries – Provided by The SKR Legacy Collective Fund


2,000 members

The launch of The Creative Revolution's 'Young Revolutionary' platform, providing a tailored experience of The Creative Revolution for the next generation and beyond.

to be continued ... ... ... ... ...