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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to understand and harness their innate powers of imagination, creativity, and innovation, to recreate the worlds that we live in.

Who are we?

We are a community that believes in the incredible potential of our individual and shared creative capacities.

Inspired by global creative revolutionary Sir Ken Robinson, we believe in creating a future for us all. To do this we must advocate for a richer conception of human imagination, creativity and intelligence, and celebrate the diversity of human potential.

We are the revolution necessary to transform our world into a more sustainable, innovative and equitable place. We are change makers. We are disruptors. We are the loud voices, the quiet whispers, the thinkers and the creators. We are educators, activists, entrepreneurs, and inventors. We are scientists and authors, dancers and dreamers. We span the globe, we are unwilling to settle for the world we have been given. We know we are capable of great things through our creative choices. 

We are the creative revolution you have been waiting for.

Inside The Creative Revolution

Wherever you are, whatever you use, always available.


A Revolutionary Network

A global community of revolutionaries dedicated to harnessing their powers of imagination, creativity, and innovation, and channeling them into a force for good.

Original Courses

A wide range of original courses, added monthly, that cover a variety of topics and skill sets across the imagination, creativity, and innovation agendas.

Unlimited Groups

Within groups members can invite others to collaborate, share articles and resources, ask questions, receive feedback and organize digital meet-ups.

Cutting-Edge Content

Original editorial content including articles and interviews, creative challenges and exercises

Live Events

With very special guests, monthly town halls, workshops and masterclasses.

Earn Money

Apply to become an Affiliate of The Creative Revolution and refer your friends/colleagues to join us

WHAT is The Creative Revolution?

Sir Ken said: “Rock ‘n’ Roll was not a government initiative, it came from the people.” Now more than ever the community Sir Ken inspired needs to be brought together as one. The Creative Revolution is the digital hub of the grassroots movement he helped inspire.

As a membership network we provide opportunities to collaborate, promote personal ventures and connect with like minded individuals and organizations. We hope you will join us for exclusive in person and online events, insights, mentorship, content, courses, accreditation, affiliate programs and much more.

For several years, Sir Ken’s vision was to create a resource hub, where people would share ideas, knowledge, work together, and collaborate on projects that create a future for us all.

This is that vision. This is The Creative Revolution.

Meet The team behind The Creative Revolution

Kate Robinson

Chief Content Officer & Founder

Kate Robinson is an author, speaker, and the co-founder of a number of initiatives dedicated to the legacy of her father, Sir Ken Robinson. These include the SKR Legacy Collective Fund, to celebrate and remember Sir Ken and continue his legacy through projects around the themes of education, environment and culture; and Imagine if…, a not-for-profit inspired by Sir Ken’s passionate advocacy of human potential, that culminates each year in a week-long festival.

Anthony Dunn

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Anthony is an acclaimed, award-winning brand strategist with a gift for creative marketing and a passion for immersive events and experiences.
Former Head of Brand for Bett, the world’s largest global education event series, he is fully dedicated to his Father-in-law’s legacy, as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Nevergrey, We Imagine if… and Chair of The SKR Legacy Collective Fund.

What our Members Say

"My name is Paul. I have been a classroom teacher most of my career. We have long needed a creative revolution in education as a force for social equity. What I love about The Creative Revolution is the opportunity to participate and help further a movement initiated by people like Sir Ken Robinson. In emergent strategies, we believe change is fractal so it is important to have opportunities like this to engage."
Paul K., Creative Revolutionary
Phil M.
Creative Revolutionary
"I love The Creative Revolution because I deeply honour the work of Sir Ken Robinson and believe that the only way to get things done is through joint creative effort. Here's a hub full of diversity and creative potential to change things for the better."
Janine S., Creative Revolutionary
Janine S.
Creative Revolutionary
"I use the Creative Revolution to share what I know, connect to people with the same drive and passion for creativity in education, and also as quality food for creative thought. If you want to have good ideas you need to be constantly 'top-up' with inspiring ideas. There is a wealth of expertise and experience here!"
Phil M., Creative Revolutionary
Phil M.
Creative Revolutionary
"My hope is to help make the world a better place by helping people connect with their true selves. I believe the work we do in The Creative Revolution will be transformative in terms of valuing individual creativity and multiple forms of intelligence and has the potential to significantly alter the course of so many who might ordinarily might have slipped through the cracks.

I am truly grateful to be a part of this extraordinary collection of like minded people"
Mark Holden, Creative Revolutionary
Mark H.
Creative Revolutionary
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charitable donation

25%* of your donation goes to supporting the work of The SKR Legacy Collective Fund, issuing grants and awards back to the community and projects inspired by Sir Ken Robinson and The Creative Revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so grateful for your support and that you are joining us in the Creative Revolution. Your membership donation goes towards making the Creative Revolution possible. Membership enables us to bypass investment and sponsorship, which allows us to stay as independent as we can. This means that the revolution is truly authentic. We are a community that powers itself.

As well as our unique content, produced exclusively by our team for our members, we offer courses, discussion groups, forums, podcasts, live webinars and events within our Members network. We’ll shortly be announcing further features, led by Members, which include our official accreditation and much more.

Great people know great people, and as a member of The Creative Revolution you can apply to become an Affiliate to refer your friends/colleagues to join us. Once your application is successful you will receive a unique code and, by way of reward to you and a massive thanks from us, we will pay you 10% commission towards your annual subscription.

Your satisfaction with The Creative Revolution and our platform is our primary concern. All of our products and services are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Refunds will be made to your credit/debit card or PayPal account (if this payment method was originally used) only. You will be refunded within a maximum of two weeks from your request, made within the 14-day money-back guarantee timeframe. We are so confident that The Creative Revolution will help you enhance the power of your creativity that we’re offering a no questions asked money-back guarantee if you decide within 14 days of purchase that it’s not for you.