The Fragility of Life: How a Single Positive Mentor or Decision Can Shape Your Existence

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In the grand tapestry of time and existence, we are but tiny threads woven into the fabric of generations before us. It’s a sobering thought to consider how the slightest variation in history could have rendered our lives unrecognisable or nonexistent. Lately, I’ve been reminded of the fragility of life and the profound impact that a single positive mentor or decision can have on our existence.

The Ripple Effect of Choices

Imagine for a moment the countless decisions made by your ancestors, leading to the moment of your birth. A great-great-grandparent’s choice to immigrate to a new country, a grandparent’s decision to attend a particular school, or your parents’ choice to meet and fall in love. These are just a few examples of how our existence is contingent on the choices and actions of those who came before us.

The “butterfly effect” theory comes to mind, which suggests that a small change in one part of a system can lead to significant consequences elsewhere. In the context of our lives, if one ancestor made a different decision, we might not be here today. It’s a humbling realisation that underscores the delicate balance of existence.

The Power of Positive Influence

In this delicate web of being, positive mentors and decisions stand out as beacons of hope and guidance. A single person, at the right time and place, can alter the course of your life. Whether it’s a teacher who inspires a passion for learning, a coach who instills values of discipline and teamwork, or a friend who provides unwavering support during challenging times, these mentors can be life-changing.

One need not look far to find stories of individuals who were on the brink of despair but were rescued by a mentor who believed in them. These mentors can empower us, in-still confidence, and provide the guidance needed to make better life decisions. Their influence is akin to a stone dropped into a pond, creating ripples that extend far beyond the initial point of impact.

A Personal Journey

I have been fortunate to have my life shaped by a few positive mentors and pivotal decisions. Firstly, my family has been a huge influence in my life and continues to be a guiding light through many of life’s ups and downs. One of my most influential mentors was my audio engineering teacher, Bart Bee, who saw potential in me that I had yet to recognize in myself. Through his encouragement and guidance, he ignited a love for creativity that has since become my passion and career.

Likewise, a decision to attend a retreat led me to meet a group of friends who opened my eyes to another way of living and connecting with the world. Without that choice, I might never have encountered qigong which is now a daily practice and has brought me much joy and contentment.


The fragility of life is a reminder of the intricate dance of time and choice that has brought us to the present moment. It’s a testament to the countless generations that have come before us, shaping the world we inhabit today. But within this complexity, the power of a single positive mentor or decision stands out as a beacon of hope.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to be aware of the choices we make and the influence we can have on others. By recognising the potential we hold to positively impact someone’s life, we can continue the cycle of mentorship and support that has the power to alter the course of existence. In the end, we are not mere threads in the fabric of history; we are weavers of our own destinies and the destinies of those we touch along the way.

Never underestimate the effect you have on others. 

With love and hope. 

Douglas 30.10.23 


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