The Rise of Creative Thinking: 5 Creative Thinking Tips for Harnessing the Future of Skills

The Rise of Creative Thinking: A Look Into the Future of Skills - a boy, in Steampunk inspired headgear, looks out to the future within his laboratory where he creates
Explore and elevate your creative thinking with these five power-packed creative thinking tips. Venture into cross-disciplinary inspiration, practice regular brainstorming, commune with nature, foster a growth mindset, and cultivate mindfulness.

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Following my recent article, ‘The Growing Divide: The Education System vs Business Priorities for Creative Thinking‘, I felt inspired to revisit and expand on a previous article originally published on the Nevergrey website.

The initial piece was designed as a ‘Quick Tips’ guide for businesses and individuals within teams, aimed at fostering Creative Thinking in everyday life and business contexts. Given the positive feedback we’ve received, it’s clear that these tips have proven beneficial. So, I thought it was about time I crafted a similar guide for you, our Creative Revolutionaries. I hope that you find these Creative Thinking tips just as useful.

As we leap into the future, one skill is lighting the way – Creative Thinking. The World Economic Forum has recognised its growing importance, placing it in the top three skills for 2025. But why is creative thinking so pivotal, and how can we cultivate it?

Creativity has long been seen as the domain of artists and inventors. Yet, in the rapidly evolving digital era, creative thinking has become the backbone of successful business operations. It’s the key to innovation, problem-solving, and keeping pace with change.

Here are five tips to help you future-proof your skills and spark a creativity revolution:


Seek Cross-Disciplinary Inspiration:

Have you ever felt the thrill of discovering a hidden gem while you were least expecting it? That feeling of uncovering a treasure trove of inspiration when you’re rummaging in unknown territory is what this tip is all about.

Look beyond your domain and dare to delve into the unfamiliar. Engage with eclectic books, dive into lively discussions, and immerse yourself in workshops from different disciplines. Each new perspective is a potential seed for a brilliant creative thought.

💡TRY: Every week, dedicate some time to engage with a different discipline or subject matter. This could be in the form of a new book from an unfamiliar genre, listening to a podcast outside your field, or attending a virtual workshop/event in a completely new area. This cross-pollination of ideas can generate unexpected insights and trigger creative sparks.


Practice Regular Brainstorming:

Picture your mind as an overflowing cauldron of ideas, bubbling away, just waiting to spill over. That’s what brainstorming can unleash – a continuous flood of original thoughts, no matter how wild or outlandish they might seem.

💡TRY: Establish a weekly brainstorming session, either solo or with others. Perhaps reach out to another member of The Creative Revolution who you feel might align. During this time, allow your mind to explore all possibilities without judgment. Remember, some of the most innovative ideas often stem from the unconventional.


Engage with Nature:

Imagine having access to a magic pill that could help lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce your nervous system arousal, enhance your immune system, increase your self-esteem, reduce your anxiety, and improve your mood. You’d take it and tell all your friends, am I right?

Well, that magic pill can be taken any time by immersing yourself in nature, providing a serene environment for reflection and fostering creativity.

💡TRY: Designating a regular “nature time” block into your schedule. This could be a quiet walk in the park, relaxing by a stream, or simply sitting under a tree. Use this time to clear your mind and create space for creative ideas to flow.


Foster a Growth Mindset:

We talk about this a lot, and with good reason. Who says making mistakes is a bad thing? Embrace your missteps and failures, for they are the stepping stones on the path to creative brilliance.

💡TRY: Embracing a new challenge every week that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Document it too! Put it out for the world to see and cheer you on! Remember, the objective is not to succeed necessarily, but to learn and grow. This willingness to take creative risks will nourish your growth mindset.


Cultivate Mindfulness:

Imagine being able to hit the ‘pause’ button in the middle of a hectic day, allowing your mind to settle and your thoughts to breathe. That’s the power of mindfulness – your secret weapon to clear the mental clutter and create space for your creative genius to shine.

💡TRY: Incorporating a daily mindfulness routine into your schedule. This could be a simple meditation, deep-breathing exercises, or mindful eating – there are a bunch of apps we can recommend if you’re struggling. By focusing on the present moment, you open up a mental space where creative ideas can take root and flourish.


  1. What’s the most unexpected place or practice that has sparked your creativity, and how did it impact your thinking or work?

  2. Do you have a tip or method to foster creative thinking you can share, that wasn’t covered in this list?

  3. Do you have a unique practice or routine that helps clear your mind and foster creativity? We’d love to hear about it!


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