Ep 04 – Dr. Amir Amedi: Exploring the Neuroscience of Creativity

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Join Kate Robinson and Anthony Dunn on The Creative Revolution Podcast as they converse with renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Amir Amedi.

A revered neuroscientist and professor at Reichman University in Tel Aviv, Dr. Amedi is renowned for his pioneering work in brain plasticity and multisensory integration, which has fundamentally shifted our understanding of the brain’s role in creativity and imagination.

His unique approach to studying blindness has led to revolutionary technologies that aid the visually impaired, also elaborated in Kate and Sir Ken Robinson’s book ‘Imagine if… Creating A Future for Us All.’ Listen in to unlock your own creative potential through the lens of neuroscience.

Don’t miss this captivating episode that marries science and creativity, and promises to ignite your own creative revolution.


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