The Power of Observation: Seeing What Others Don’t in Our Creative Journey

Discover how an intriguing 'Whodunnit?' video opened my eyes to the crucial role of observation in our creative processes. Let's delve into the unseen details that spark innovation and learn how to hone our observational skills together.

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The other day, I stumbled across an intriguing video that has had me pondering the power of observation and its impact on our creative processes. I say I stumbled across, however it was more like I was thumbing aimlessly through social media at close to midnight, trying to get to sleep, and luckily come across a video of worth I could share… 

The video is a unique awareness test entitled:  Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit?. Although the original intent was to promote cycle safety, the underlying concept struck me as profoundly relevant to our creative journeys. It’s a short, engaging watch.

If you haven’t seen it already, I strongly recommend giving it a go before reading further (it’s a 1 min 54 seconds video):

Now, after watching and rewatching this test, I suddenly realised it teaches us a lot about observation and creativity, as well as cycling safety… kind of.

Observation and the Power of Details

The video cleverly illustrates how easily we can overlook details when we’re not actively looking for them. The unexpected shifts in the scenery throughout the clip are easily missed. Yet, once you’re aware of them, you can’t ‘unsee’ them. This, I believe, perfectly mirrors the way we handle creativity.

Innovation thrives on the minute details—the small inconsistencies, the overlooked facts and unseen perspectives. As creative individuals, we need to train our minds to see these hidden aspects. They can become the key some of our most breakthrough ideas and send us on a creative journey.

The Relevance to Our Creative Process

As creatives, we often get caught up in our ideas, our thoughts, and our perceptions. However, the Whodunnit? video serves as a stark reminder that there’s a broader world outside of our immediate focus, teeming with ideas waiting to be discovered.

The task then is to elevate our observational skills, to see the ‘unseen’, and to incorporate these insights into our work. It’s about being open to new perspectives, being inquisitive about the seemingly mundane, and being daring enough to venture off the beaten track. This is how we can truly elevate our creative output.

Food for thought...

Now that we’ve unpacked this a bit, I want to hear your thoughts:

1. After watching the video, what details did you notice changing? Was there any particular change that you found more surprising than the others?

2. How do you think enhancing your observation skills could impact your creativity? Can you recall a situation where a small, overlooked detail led to a creative breakthrough?

3. Throughout the week, try to consciously elevate your observation skills. Perhaps take a different route to work, or change up your routine in some way. Then, reflect on what new things you notice. Share your experience with us!

I’m excited to hear your insights, experiences, and reflections.


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